Hi, I'm

Jonah Stockwell

I'm interested in algorithms, complexity theory, and pure math. I also enjoy art, graphic design, and game design as a hobby.


Programming Languages Tools Operating Systems
Proficient PythonFlaskHTMLCSSJavaScriptNode.jsJavaC#
Familiar CLuaSQLSchemeScalaHaskellAda


Research and Work
Jan 2023-Jan 2024

ATICUS Dermatology Web Research Project

Developed a web application for parents and providers to calculate topical steroid dosage. Columbia University Irving Medical Center
Jun 2022-Jun 2023

Research with Professor Josh Alman

Created TensorShop: A visualization suite to facilitate fast matrix multiplication. Department of Computer Science, Columbia University
Jun-Sep 2022

CS Summer Social Entrepreneurship Program

Designed and developed a web platform for courses, service learning, and activities/clubs. Riverdale Country School
Jun-Dec 2021

Research with Professor Ruben Gonzalez

Developed a napari Python plugin for single-molecule biophysical statistical inference. Department of Chemistry, Columbia University

Courses (2023-2024)

Spring 2024, Columbia University, Currently Enrolled

CSOR4231 Analysis of Algorithms

Spring 2024, Columbia University, Currently Enrolled

MATH1202 Calculus IV

Spring 2024, Columbia University, Currently Enrolled

MATH2010 Linear Algebra

Fall 2023, Columbia University

COMS3203 Discrete Mathematics

Fall 2023, Columbia University

MATH1201 Calculus III

Courses (2018-2023)

Spring 2023, Riverdale Country School

Graph Theory in Advanced Math

2022-2023, Riverdale Country School

Capstone Developer Project

2021-2022, Riverdale Country School, Supervised Independent Study

Capstone Developer Project

Summer 2021, Riverdale Country School

Bioinformatics Mini-Course

2020-2021, Riverdale Country School

Advanced CS III: AI & Machine Learning

Summer 2020, Columbia University

COMS3261 Computer Science Theory

2019-2020, Riverdale Country School

Advanced CS: Algorithms and Data Structures

Summer 2018, Columbia University Pre-College

Programming in C


More Projects

Games on Itch.io

ATICUS Dermatology Web Project

RCS Activities Website

Indicative Achievements

2023 National Merit Scholarship
2022, GMTK Game Jam (International) Top 3% in Creativity and 5% in Overall out of 6125 Entries
2021, Hack the Bronx Hackathon 1st in Programmers with Experience out of 91 Total Participants
2021, Brackeys Game Jam (International) Top 1% in Innovation out of 1756 Entries
2021, Wowie Jam 3.0 (International) Top 3% in Visuals and 8% in Overall out of 1016 Entries
2020, Ludum Dare 47 (International) Top 5% in Audio and 10% in Overall out of 3206 Entries
2017, Ludum Dare 40 (International) Top 25% in Audio out of 2884 Entries
Some of my Art